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The IKURU TOWN, Atlantic Beach which is the longest white Sand Beach in West Africa, witnessed an influx of tourist recently who all came to see the rare Whale that was washed ashore the beach.

The carcass of the whale was found on the Ikuru Town beach , Located in Andoni LGA, Rivers State, south south of Nigeria, off the Atlantic Ocean.

Ikuru Town is also home to one of the richest Rain Forest in Nigeria and accommodates the endangered West African Elephants which are sometimes seen on the beach and around the community.

With Lots of tourism potential from the IKURU TOWN Atlantic Beach and Rain Forest, It is still yet to get the attention of the Rivers State government and other stake holders as the access road to Andoni LGA (UNITY Road) have been abandoned by successive governments.

When our correspondent visited the scene it was observed that the villagers had started cutting off the body parts of the whale to be used as meat and other delicacies.

Whales are national heritage and even in death their carcasses can be preserved and used to attract tourist, as seen in the Royal Ontario Museum , Toronto which houses the heart of a blue whale and its  enormous skeleton pictured).

The dead whale was spotted in the morning of July 6th 2017 and at the time of reporting  over 30 % of the Whale had been cut off for meat by the locals.

See video of locals cutting the whale below:

Music Star Kcee steals Dollars Fans react

Yesterday, an Instagram user blasted Five Star Music front-line act, Kcee for allegedly stealing and using his pictures to deceive Nigerians.

Nigerians have reacted to the alleged theft brouhaha on Twitter and its Hilarious.">

Author of Eze goes to School "Onoura Nzekwu" dies at 89

Nzekwu, the author of Eze Goes to School, a novel, died by 4.30p.m. on Friday in his home in Onitsha, Anambra, where he had been living in retirement, A family member, Mr Louis Chuke, said.

Chief Onuora Nzekwu, the founding General Manager of News Agency ofNigeria (NAN), has died at the age of 89, the family confirmed on Saturday.

Nzekwu joined the Federal Civil Service as an editorial assistant at the NigeriaMagazine Division of the Federal Ministry of Information.

He worked as an editorial assistant from 1956 to 1958 when took over the position of editor-in-chief of the magazine.

In 1966 when the Nigerian civil war broke out, he transferred his services to the Eastern Nigeria Public Service and returned to the federal service at the end of the crisis in 1970.

He served as General Manager of NAN from 1979 to 1985.

Nzekwu wrote Troubled Dust, a novel that recounts the experiences of the civil war.

May His Soul Rest in Perfect Peace


▪Gives FG seven days ultimatum to return  the funds diverted by the  immediate past Governor

Rivers State Governor has given the Federal Government  an ultimatum of 7 days to return  the $43million dollars  found in a luxury apartment in Ikoyi  to the Rivers State Government , failure which the State Government  will take legal measures to ensure  that it gets back her stolen  resources

Governor Wike  also declared that the $43million dollars found in the luxury apartment  in Ikoyi belongs  to  the  Rivers State Government.

Governor Wike said that investigations by the Rivers State Government  revealed  that the money  was proceed from the sale of gas turbines by the immediate past Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi.

Addressing journalists at the Government House, Port Harcourt on Friday night, Governor Wike said: "The money in question  belongs to the former Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.  We want to confirm that the houses in Ikoyi also belong to Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

"If you recollect in 2015, we said that gas turbines built by Former Governor Peter Odili were sold to Sahara Energy, business partners of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi at $319million.

"That money was used to sponsor the All Progressives Congress for the 2015 general elections.  From the date of sale of the gas turbines to  May 29, 2015, the money depleted from $319million to $204,000 . What was stashed at the Ikoyi residence  was part of that fund".

He said : "We have  facts to prove that the said money belongs to the Rivers State Government.  The Federal Government must return our money".

Governor Wike  said all the stories  being peddled about the money belonging to the National Intelligence Agency are false and mere face saving measures by the embattled APC Federal Government.

He said: "As I speak to  you, the Federal Government  is so embarrassed that this has happened.  All the stories  that the money belongs to the NIA are fake".

Governor Wike  challenged the Federal Government to  set up  a panel of Inquiry  , which will sit publicly to investigate  the money, if it doubted the claim of the Rivers State Government.

He stated that the Rivers State Government  needs the money to complete an array  of projects, insisting that on no account would this criminal  activity be swept  under the carpet.

The governor said as long as the Federal Government continues to disturb the progress of Rivers State, so long will God throw the Federal Government  into confusion.

"We are giving them seven  days to return  our money. Otherwise, we would  take legal action  to recover our money. $43million  will help us complete  several  projects.  We need that money for projects", he said.

Simeon Nwakaudu,
Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor, Electronic Media.
14th April, 2017.

BBNaija Bisola's Husband ran away during her Wedding

An Instagram user, @Mzcapitaldiva, has revealed something we all don't know about Bisola, who is one of the Big Brother Naija top 5 housemates. Mzcapitaldiva who went to a market in Lagos to bedsheets, took to Instagram to reveal what a market woman told her about Bisola. 

According to her, Bisola's husband never showed up on her wedding day, and the strong woman we all are seeing in the Big Brother Naija house, has really moved on from all that.

Here's what she wrote;

"So today I went to the market to buy some bedsheets and I heard the woman selling the bedsheets talking about usual,me being the listener that I am.. I choose to listen to her... then I heard her talking about @iambisola out of curiosity I asked .Mummy this one that you are rooting for bisola like this..

Ahan you must b a fan o..and she said bisola isn't just someone she knows randomly in fact, she's has known them for years(Bisiola,her younger sister,her Mum and her brother) even before her daughter(Leila) came into the me,in my head I just knew this will b very I asked again..

Madam that lady is very Strong o..and she said Yes..she's very strong,For a girl that her husband didn't show up on her wedding day!Yes!she's very strong...and I was totally in shock..and asked again the husband didn't show up.. for what reason?..and she said only God knows why!!!

The whole Saint LEO's Catholic Church in ikeja was something else that day and she was pregnant then o,that Girl is indeed a very strong girl...immediately I felt very touched and I started thinking..lost in my own thoughts..tried putting myself or my loved one in her shoes and I know most of us will say GodForbid..

And I wonder how she came out strong...and the woman said again you know believe me say I sabi her abi?? wait make I call her mama...and she did..after exchanging pleasantries..(the phone was on speaker)and I heard mama saying'hope say una they vote o,my daughter must win o'Right there I believed the woman has a cordial relationship with the family...and she responded ,I they root for bisola for my shop and she ask me to say something... immediately I just Screamed #TeamBisola

#NaTheWorkWeyWeDeyDo..I'm not a #BBNfan .. but today after hearing a little bit of bisola's story..I will vote.. even if it's just one vote.. I will vote...}#DontjudgeHer #lethewitoutsincastthefirstone #SheDeservesToWin #thatGirlEyeDonSee...#weneedstrongpeoplewhodontputothersdown #AttackMeBcsOfMyWriteUpAndiWillEatYouRaw!"

EFCC Refers To follow Corruption Fighter ICPC As "Introvert"

EFCC Refers To ICPC As "Introvert" When It Comes To Fighting Corruption - Reactions

Undoubtedly, the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC has become somewhat obsolete in Nigeria as far as fighting corruption is concerned and one would wonder if they really have a twitter handle. 

Well, following the activeness of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and especially their twitter "fun" handler, a worried twitter user asked if the ICPC was still active on twitter. EFCC "@officialEFCC without wasting much time replied the user saying:

'My sister @ICPC_PE is alive and well. She's an introvert but she gets her job done.'

Is this a true fact and even if it, is this how this question should be answered? Well see peoples reactions below...


Who is Efe? The Video that got everyone talking

Who is Efe ?
The video that got everyone talking.
Efe na me
Efe na You
When Efe was asked to do his last campaign for vote.
Who is EFE ? 
EFE is not the boy from Delta state 
EFE is not the graduate of economics in unijos!!! 
EFE is you that is trying to get yourself together 
EFE is that mother that sacrificed everything to make sure her child gets an education. 
EFE is that boy that helps his mum to sell pepper but knows in his heart that he will get better.. 
EFE is you, using generator to watch tv, read, ....
EFE is you trying to put your two feets on the ground against all odds
Because rain is falling doesn't mean you won't go and hustle
Because the road is bad doesn't mean you won't go out.. 
EFE is every human being cos we all have struggles... 
I am EFE , you are EFE , we are all EFE and we will vote EFE in big brother Naija house... Because against all odds he stood with his two feet... #iamefe #bbnaija
#BasedonLogistics You just have to love Efe

Photos of Dogs Transported for 404 in Akwa ibom

I get 4 Rounds of Sex from my 2 Wives -Delta Man Speaks

Do you remember 39-year-old Omamuzo Utomajiri from Uro-Irri, Isoko South LGA of Delta State , who married his two wives traditionally on Sunday March 26th to the joy and admiration of his people? Well, the happy Father of 6, has disclosed how happy he is since he married his two wives.

The businessman who had a chat with Sunday Telegraph, said:

"The senior wife has 4 children while the junior one has 2. I present them traditionally, to know whether they truly love me and to also know if they are happy with themselves. .

The senior one takes care of this place I sell planks while the junior one takes care of where I am selling building materials. I approached the senior one first and she agreed likewise the junior one too. .

The reason why I married them is to make sure that I am comfortable and I don’t look out again for other women." On how he has been able to attend to them sexually, he said: "That one no be problem at all. Me I be fire for fire! Truly, NEPA no dey take light for my side. .

I can meet them twice every night if I want to and the women are ever ready. In fact there is no definite date of meeting any of them. I can visit any of them at any time because they live in the same house with me, though in different flats. .

They enjoy me and I too enjoy them and because of their readiness at all time that is why I decided to marry them. Truly, dem dey satisfy me well well! They make me not to go outside to mess up myself with other women. We eat from the same pot. There is no discrimination because we love each other and respect each other view"

Bauchi Man impregnates Daughter dumps baby inside well

The Bauchi State Police Command has arrested a 55-year-old man, Abdulkadir Mohammed in Gamawa Local Government Area of Bauchi State, along with his 20-year-old daughter for attempted murder.

Mohammed, was also accused of having sex and impregnating his daughter identified as, Dije Abdulkadir.

Dije, as a result of the alleged immoral act with her father, took in and after putting to bed threw the baby into a well.

Addressing reporters in Bauchi, the Commissioner of Police, Garba Umar, said the suspects were arrested by police officers attached to Gamawa Division.

He said, “The suspect gave birth to a baby girl and threw her inside the well with the intent to kill her.

“However, the timely intervention of well-meaning individuals in the area, who helped and rescued the baby alive, saved her life.

“The suspect confessed that her biological father impregnated her and they decided to do away with the baby.

“The suspects confessed to the act and were charged to court.

Lady Vomits Cockroach after TB Joshua Prayed

During her years of suffering from evil attacks and a moving object in her womb, Mrs. Chantal Bridget Nyemeck would not only find herself dining in the company of dead people in the dream but she was also continuously tormented by a spiritual husband. In the physical, she actually experienced a moving object that gave her great pain in her womb. 

One day, she had a dream in which she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua place her in water, saying ‘Be cleansed!’. After such an encounter, she believed that the solution would come once she travelled from her native country Cameroon to visit The SCOAN. She had the grace to be in the service last Sunday, during which time the Prophet offered Mass Prayer. Indeed, the power of God located Mrs. Chantal Bridget Nyemeck, who vomited a cockroach to the shock of all in the church and those watching the events scrolling across the screen. 

During her testimony, Mrs. Nyemeck said she felt an object moving around her stomach as the man of God continued to command out the demonic spirits and objects. Having left the congregation marveled and jaw-dropped by the occurrence, Mrs. Chantal Bridget Nyemeck testified that her years of pain are now a thing of the past and that she now sleeps soundly with no social mingling with dead people or a spiritual husband.

RCCG Facebook vs Youtube Wife Nigerians react

This tweet as posted by @rccghq drew Nigerians' anger as many don't agree with the Pastor's view. Logically, all the arguements are valid IMHO

(PHOTOS) Mother throws baby into pit tilet

As shared by Harrison. 'Wonders shall never end at Zaki Biam Benue state' dis mourning a young woman delivered and throne this innocent baby girl into a toilet pit, and as she was forcing d child into d pit d child was crying neighbours who heard d cry on reaching there saw dat d child has already fallen into d pit they rescued d child and quickly alert d police d woman is now in police custody what a wicked world'.

FEDPoly Oko Cultist arrested during initiation

A set of  student cultist  reportedly to be from Fedpoly Oko in Anambra state were apprehended by amaokpala vilante group today being Sunday at okah junction Amaokpala during their initiation into their fraternity.
Pictures below:

Source -

Doctor Jumps into Lagos Lagoon Commits Suicide (PHOTOS)

A man said to be a doctor has jumped off the Third Mainland Bridge to his death on Sunday.
He was reported to have stopped his driver on the bridge , opened the door of his Nissan SUV and jumped into the Lagoon , TheNewsGuru reported.
“The driver parked the car, the doctor came down and immediately jumped into the Lagoon . ”

The man, who committed suicide by leaping off Third Mainland Bridge on Sunday evening has been identified as a medical doctor. According to sources, he was returning from church, but jumped into the lagoon on the bridge. Officers of Rapid Response Squad have arrived the scene and rescue effort is in progress.

See photos RRS officials in action below