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“My first album sold 3 million!” – J. Martins

From producer to artiste, J. Martins is now celebrating the success of his first solo album titled ‘Get Serious’.
The stand alone ‘J’ in J.Martins is his initial for Justice, who has been a producer and songwriter for over a decade producing artistes songs that I’m sure you have heard!
He became an artiste himself releasing his first single titled ‘So Fly’ that didn’t quite fly but fortunately his second single was a hit and saved his music career from flopping! ‘Good or bad’ today is almost a national anthem with its’ catchy hook and awesome beat!

J. Martins described himself, ‘I’m the quiet type which means I could be a bit laid back.’ He went on to say, “I’m not the talking type but then I associate.”
The artiste comes from Abia State and spoke of his album. “Get Serious is my first album and we’re talking about an album that sold nothing less than 3 million. It came out on 5th September and six weeks from that day, it crossed over a million copies.”

Good or Bad’ was written by J. Martins accompanied by Timaya, P-Square and Jude Okoye. ”I knew the song was going to blow up without even thinking about it. I wasn’t taken by surprise. The truth about songs is that if you get it, you know you have it. The bottom line of success of any song is not necessarily the song itself or the people on the song. The most important thing about it (my own project) is that God personally blessed it. Its not an easy thing to achieve in Nigeria where there are over a million studios with people recording day in, day out.”

J. Martins discussed how he knows when a song is a hit, “Basically, from the beat first. When you make a great beat, you know. Like one of my friends, Peter of P-Square will say : If you’ve got the beat right, the next thing is the lyrics. And once you’ve got a good hook, you’ve got it all.”
‘Good or Bad’ was a collaboration and the collabos were chosen by who would suit the song best. There is a close resemblance with ‘Do Me’ and a likeness for Timaya’s voice.

NAIJALABEL would like to wish J.Martins the best of luck in everything he does.
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