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Who's Nigeria's TV Talkshow queen?


Watching Agatha Amata on her program Inside Out, with the topic of the show focussing on if GPRS tracking on your mobile phone actually works in Nigeria, and with a panel that include a mobile phone whizkid (to show the viewers how to navigate on a mobile phone), a local government town planning official (for the accuracy of the streets listed) and a Policeman (to see if this new technology can help fight crime, or which major road is best to set up shop for "Happy Sunday"), I start to think, we need more programs like these.
   As far as I know (please correct me if I'm wrong) there are 3 top female TV talkshow hosts of note in Nigeria; Funmi Iyanda of New Dawn, Mo Abudu of Moments with Mo and the aforementioned Agatha Amata of Inside Out. These 3 ladies I have met before, and I have actually appeared as a guest on Funmi Iyanda's New Dawn some 4 years ago.

  AGATHA AMATA        MO ABUDU                 FUNMI IYANDA

   In the United States of America, the Nielsen Ratings has continually rated the Oprah Winfrey Show as the top TV talkshow for so long now you would think the likes of Rikki Lake, Sally Jesse Raphael and the new comers Tyra Banks, Ellen DeGeneres, Racheal Ray and Chelsea Lately don't exist.

Although the 3 Nigerian TV talkshow hosts mentioned above have their individual styles, and I'm sure also have their focus and aims for their respective shows, I can't help but wonder who the people think is the Queen of talkshows in Nigeria. What makes a talkshow worth watching, does it have to benefit the society educationally or otherwise, or just to entertain by interviewing celebs and talking about women's issues only. Does presenting style even matter? Agatha stands in the crowd while talking to guests on "stage", Mo sits with her guests most of the time (except for when she leans forward to do the double cheek kiss kiss darling thing as the guests come on), and Funmi, although sits with the guests most of the time has experimented with the studio crowd a few times.

   While Agatha is very "Naija" in her approach (she even drops pidgin sometimes), Mo is very posh in her outlook, pronunciation of certain words and her set is to die for. With Funmi Iyanda, she's very matter-of-fact direct with her raspy (sexy) voice and seem to command a lot of respect from her guests and fans. I really can't say which talkshow host is the best because all 3 have different shows and purpose, but as we live in a world of charts, brand positioning and who's No.1, I'm really curious if one of these 3 women can be accorded that title of the Queen of talkshows in Nigeria.

So who's Nigeria's TV talkshow queen?

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