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Star Quest 2010..Winners..JUKEBOX..

Meet the winners of 2010 Star Quest - The Jukebox band. They’ve got the creative and entertaining drummer, Eghosa Frank as their leader. His performance on the drums is a delight to watch, any day any time. Joshua Itietie is also a unique piece in this band, his special skill of rapping with the lead guitar is way beyond imagination. Ogun State native with a powerful voice, Agunpopo Josephine Olamide, and fine-looking Wilson Emeka are vocalists of international standard with good dancing skills. The gentle Epanty Gregory plays the keyboard with a flourish while Asindi Sam is a wonder to watch on the bass guitar.

Juke Box is a self-motivated and pleasurable band with the sole aim of becoming the best!

They go home with 7.5 million recording contract, N600, 000 for each group member and an SUV.

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