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Ban of Burqa in France...

They are trying to ban face covering Burqa in France.

France's lower house of parliament overwhelmingly approved a ban on wearing burqa-style Islamic veils on Tuesday July 13th. The approval according to the parliament is part of a determined effort to define and protect French values that has disconcerted many in the country's large Muslim community.

The issue has been debated across Europe, and Spain and Belgium have similar bans in the works. In France, which has Europe's largest Muslim population, about 5 million of the country's 64 million people are believed to be Muslim. While ordinary headscarves are common in France, only about 1,900 women are believed to wear face-covering veils.

The legislation would forbid face-covering Muslim veils in all public places in France and calls for euro150 ($185) fines or citizenship classes, or both.

The bill also is aimed at husbands and fathers – anyone convicted of forcing someone else to wear the garb risks a year of prison and a euro30,000 ($38,000) fine, with both penalties doubled if the victim is a minor.

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