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"I still don't know why Dauda slapped me" actress Uche Obodo

Uche Ogbodo
Actress Uche Ogbodo, was recently assaulted by comic actor, Kingsley Ogbonna, popularly known as Dauda on the set of their new movie, Temptations. Here she explains what transpired between them on the day of the alleged assault.

Dauda (Kingsley Ogbonna) with Aki

"I don't know how to begin the story. Dauda took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting the slap from him. He approached me about a movie called Temptations. I was to play the lead. He said he needed me to help him, though he couldn't pay me as much as I collect right now as one of the best in comedy movies now. So he paid and I started the job. I was actually coming from my home. I would drive from my house (Fagba-Ogba) to surulere. And I was stuck most of the time in traffic. I tried my best, thinking I was doing a colleague a favour. But most times he wouldn't understand. I was getting home around 1.00am, only to resume shooting before 10.00 am the following day. So I didn't misbehave. But he would be complaining. On the fateful day he slapped me, we had almost finished the job. There was just about two or four scenes left. Meanwhile I had been wearing my hair from a production I was doing somewhere in Festac to his set. After shooting the two scenes that day, I asked the continuity man and the costumier whether we were through and they said yes. With this information, I went to the salon nearby to remove the hair. After I removed the hair, I went back to location and shot another scene without my hair because it was a night scene. After the scene I asked them if I could go home since the scenes had finished but Dauda said it wasn't over, it remained one. I was surprised because I knew i was through with the job. I asked which one and he went and brought one linking continuity to a scene I had previously shot. This was a scene they said they were yanking off initially. I told them my hair was gone. 
When I went to change my costume I overheard them saying I knew the job was still going on when I removed my hair. I was sitting inside when the continuity guy came in and told me we had to shoot the scene. I agreed, but told him that they should get me a scarf. He said I must fix the hair back. I was shocked by the guy's effrontery. I don't know his name and I don't care about his name. At this point, Dauda, entered and asked me to come out. I refused. It was when the director, Andy Chukwu, called me that I stood up and went out to explain things to him. It was there Dauda slapped me. And almost pushed me into a gutter. I wept after the assault and carried the mark on my face for some days. I haven't reported the case to the police yet, I only reported to AGN president, Segun Arinze, who told me to hold on." Uche Ogbodo said to Uche Olehi of Encomium Mag

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