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Zac Efron drops condom on red carpet

At  The last Lorax premiere, Zac Efron caused quite a stir when he pulled his hands out of his trouser pockets and accidentally dropped a condom on the red carpet. He quickly picked it up and laughed it off with a red face.

Yesterday, Zac went on Today's show to promote the animated movie. Predictably, Matt Lauer asked Zac about the condom incident, saying with a smile: "Your name brings a lot of attention to this role and this movie, and there's something else that brought a lot of attention to this movie recently, Zac, at the premiere,"

Zac said "Yeah,never really had a pocket-checking policy when I was going on the red carpet before, but now we've fully instated one." Lol.
Matt Lauer went ahead and said "better to be safe than sorry". Zac though embarrassed agreed with him, lol.

Below is a clip of Zac when he accidentally dropped the condom, lol.

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