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Barely two weeks after the lynching of 4 uniport students in Aluu community, The death train seems to have Moved to neighbouring Choba Community.

         Another student of the University of Port Harcourt, this time, a female, has been shot dead. A member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) who just passed out earlier in the day and one other yet to be identified were also killed in the hail of bullets at about 10pm October 18, 2012. This came on the day Wole Soyinka gave a speech in the Garden City lamenting what he called a new war against education in Nigeria and a bad name for Aluu and other host communities of the famous Uniport, though another literary giant, Elechi Amadi, had defended Aluu over the opprobrium arising from the recent brutal killing of four male Uniport students by a mob.
         The police in Port Harcourt confirmed the last night shooting and killing, saying the female victim was a Uniport student. Apprehension is rife in security circles over another mass killing around the Uniport involving more students, but thepolice was seen this morning picking the corpses.
         The shooting took place in frontof a beer parlour at Rumuchiakara village in Choba, near Port Harcourt. An eye witness reported that the NYSC member and his friends seemed to be celebrating his successful passing out earlier in the day. Soon after, at about 9.45pm, after some drinks, the trio walked out but one of them knocked down sliced plantains from a road side seller and woman seller accosted them, insisting they paid for the loss.
          It was while the matter was being settled that a black Highlander Jeep pulled up and men with riffles jumped out and began shooting the trio.
        “They took their time and kept shooting until the three of them (victims) were confirmed dead before they pulled back their guns”, a female source narrated. Nothing happened to any other person. The woman whose plantain slices were tossed away was said to have remained dazed till the next day.

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