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Video: Tonto Dikeh Talks About Her struggle With Depression


 In an interview with Man Hour Tv, the actress spoke about her past life, the depression she had, how growing up was and her plans as a musician. She also said something most people didn't know about her- She loves staying at home. Hear her;

I think I'm very, very, very misunderstood. I'm a very homely person. I actually never go out. If you ever see me in a club, it's going to be because something is happening, like my friend is having something. I just never go out. That's something people don't know. I love to be at home, I love to eat food from my house. I don't go out to eat. I'm a home girl.

On Depression: It brought me back to the beginning, I saw my self as a baby.I had to start from there. I'm still healing, I'm still taking classes, still seeing a shrink. Depression is the deadliest disease that I've ever come across. It is something that can kill you in a snap. 

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