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Pictures: One Chance Drivers Beaten To Death in abuja

According to reports this happened on Saturday at Mabuchi in Abuja. While the taxi was moving along, a passenger (victim) inside it, seemed to be in panic and when passersby noticed it, they gave the taxi a chase till it stopped. The victim explained his ordeal that the men inside the taxi demanded for his phone and the bag he was carrying as soon as he enter into the taxi. The suspects refused to come out of the taxi which led the angry mob into breaking the windshield of car and vandalizing it.

The suspects were later dragged out of the vehicle and were given the beating of their lives and one of the three suspects died in the process.

An SSS Agent arrived the scene and decided to handle the matter by taking the suspects into custody; he handcuffed them and called for backup. While waiting, the angry mob rushed toward the suspects and pushed them from the fly-over bridge in other to kill them. They sustained various degree of injuries and the mob went after them and continued hitting them with sticks and stones.

View graphic photos after the cut.

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