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TB Joshua Predicted Agagu's Lagos Plane Crash

One man that has remained consistent over the years in his prophesies and predictions is Prophet TB Joshua, no matter what a few people say about him, he has continued to do all that he know best to do in life.

Last Sunday, during his live Sunday service, TB Joshua said:
His church members should fast and pray, specifically on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (the day of the Agagu's corpse plane crash). His reason?
He told his congregation that he saw 'a gathering of TEARS'.

Agagu's village people also confirmed that they saw the same revelation and prayed and fasted but sadly there was nothing they could do to forestall the unfortunate incident.
We Await more Prophecies From him.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    hmmmm.... why didn't he avert the plane crash since he saw it