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What Does Your Urine Colour Indicate? #HealthCheck

‘My people die because of lack of knowledge’ so says the good book. This is very true as some of you reading this now are not aware of what your urine colour indicates. Well, it’s not late to update your knowledge about it. Read the write up below;

Clear or light yellow
This is an ideal urine color. If you see very light yellow or clear urine, it means you are very well hydrated and the body is functioning the way it should be. This usually happens when a person drinks lots of water.
If you see plain yellow urine, it means your body is not very well hydrated. It could be due to excessive sweating or low hydration. Hence, it indicates that you should be drinking more of liquids to avoid dehydration.
Dark yellow
Due to intake of some medications, your urine may turn dark yellow. If you notice this color, then seek medical assistance immediately, because it is a sign of medical problems like liver disorders and hepatitis.
This color is due to growth of bacteria in the urinary tract. It indicates urinary tract infection or presence of kidney stones.
Red or pink
Red or pink urine could be because of consumption of food made with red dye or natural red color food like beetroot and blackberries. In more serious terms, it could indicate blood getting in the urine. The reason could be problems in the urinary system, kidney stones or strenuous or aerobic exercise, which can cause the breakdown of red blood cells.
Medication used to ease urinary problem can cause the urine to turn orange. Besides, consumption of carrots or carrot juice can give a tinge of orange color to your urine.
Blue or green
A common dye found in many urinary related medicines can turn your urine blue or green. Blue or green urine can be seen because of consumption of food made with artificial coloring or if you have eaten loads of asparagus.
Under most normal circumstances a slight change in the color of your urine is nothing to worry about. If the color continues for more than 24 hours and has any other accompanying symptoms, the best bet is to be safe and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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