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Iyanya Chased away from Davido's Birthday Party In Lagos


For someone like Iyanya to be chased away by Davido's bouncers from the entrance gate of his birthday party at the Pavada Lounge, is to say the least very unfortunate. Although many regular people who did not have an invitation card were also prevented from entering, but Iyanya should be an exception.

It's things like this that cause beefing in the entertainment industry. I hear Iyanya even tried to call Davido and his guys to let them know that he was at the gate, but they didn't take his call.

After several failed efforts to convince the fierce-looking bouncers that Iyanya is not just any other person but also a big player in the music industry, those around gave up and Iyanya had to walk back to his car in shame and he regretted ever leaving his house to go to Davido's birthday party venue.

Some people are saying it is a "deliberate act" to insult Iyanya. Whatever, I hope Davido apologizes to him.

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