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Telephone Conversation between Chris Ngige and Bola Tinubu Leaked

Tinubu: Onwa weting happen now?

Ngige: Good day Asiwaju

Tinubu: What's good about the day when eclipse happen for your dormot? BTW,weting make you off your phone?

Ngige: Sorry sir, I be wan call you now

Tinubu: There is nothing to call me for, I hear weting happen

Ngige: But sir, hope still hope dey o

Tinubu: Which kan hope be that?

Ngige: The 65 units now?

Tinubu: Your head correct at all? The total polling units na 4,608 and you think say 65 go make you win? Abi u be witch?

Ngige: Oga, na Plan A be that o

Tinubu: Weting be Plan B?

Ngige: Cancellation or we go court. But I wan make you activate the Lagos/Ibadan Liars make them start dey spread propaganda and dey invent stories quick quick.

Tinubu: Ngige Ngige Ngige. How many times I call you?

Ngige: Three times Asiwaju

Tinubu: Nothing go save you. I sent that short-devil called El-rufai to go rig the election. Instead make him keep e mouth shut, he announced am for Facebook/Twitter. Na so SSS take know about am

Ngige: Aha, abi wan report that short man to you sef

Tinubu: No report anything. No be him make you lose. Nwoye wey campaign for just 2 weeks get votes pass you. I dey shame for you

Ngige: No be like that o, Jega follow do am too

Tinubu: Na lie! I told you say your people go reject you but you no believe. Dem reject you for 2003, 2006 & 2010. Why you think say them no go reject you again? Na same problem wey I get with Buhari wey make me no wan make e run in 2015 because Nigerians don reject am sotee I don lose count.

Ngige: Make I talk true. Na Fashola make me lose this election

Tinubu: For weting na? How my boy make you lose?

Ngige: No be him deport my people?

Tinubu: But, I be tell am make e beg now and he did. Na my boy make them reject you for 2010 too? Anyway, no be weting I call u for. I be businessman and you sabi how much I put for this election, N3.21 Bn,so I need am back in 2 weeks. I no be Chris Uba, so don't mess with me. (***line cuts***)

Ngige: But Asiwaju...hello, hello hello...ewooo! Nsogbu dikwa o! PA PA abeg get Peter Obi or Victor Umeh for fone make we make deal with them before this Asiwaju Private Company go destroy me with their lies!!!

By Amuda Emmanuel

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