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Shi'ite Leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky Secretly Flown Abroad For Treatment

Embattled leader of the Shi'ite Islamic group, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky was flown out of Nigeria to enable him get treatment for gun shot injuries he suffered during the encounter between his supporters and members of the Army last year, multiple security sources have confirmed.

It would be recalled that during the bloody encounter between members of the Shiites and the Nigerian Army, some members of the sect lost their lives while others sustained injuries.

Sheikh El-Zakzaky allegedly sustained several gun shot wounds with some reports claiming that one of his eyes
was affected during the encounter.
Since the clash between the sect and the Military, his whereabouts has been shrouded in secrecy.

According to Vanguard, he was first moved from Kaduna to a security safe house in Abuja. Several security sources who are knowledgeable in the matter however revealed to Vanguard that due to the nature of the injuries the Shiite leader sustained, he was flown to France by the government some weeks ago for
treatment but he has since return to Nigeria.

One of the sources said: “it is true that the federal government flew him out of the country for treatment. He was stabilized before he was brought back to Nigeria.

The government did not want to take chances by keeping him in the country. We did not want a repeat of the incidence with the late leader of the Boko Haram movement whose death in custody exacerbated the crisis in the north east”.

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