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One Time Billionaire in Bayelsa Now a Poor Man

Story as Shared by  Mushy:
There was this wealthy politician in Bayelsa State who celebrated One Billion Naira during the reign of late Governor Alamesiegha a.k.a ALAMCO. 
I was a batch A corper between 2004/2005, leaving with my uncle in Kpansia area of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. He told me to dress up for a club, that a cousin of the then governor is celebrating N1billion. 
I was confused initially but, my people, it was a reality when I got there and saw some of our corper babes in club arena. Behold! the celebration was that the politician had hit is first One Billion Naira. 
Those who are familiar with Bayelsa State knows the man slapped GEJ when he was the deputy governor, who later ran to S.A. when ALAMCO was impeached. 
Recently, I escorted a friend to his house in Amassoma close to Niger Delta University... take it or leave, the same wealthy guy is broke. When I got to Yenagoa and was trying to talk about it with my uncle's friends where we're relaxing, a guy just asked me to forget the talk, saying these days the man sometimes borrow money to fuel his car

How at the mighty fallen!!

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