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Naked Photos of Hillary Clinton released

Nude photos of Hillary Clinton went viral yesterday following the grotesque statues of a Unclad Donald Trump which popped up at a few locations around the United States this week by some suspected pro-Hilary,

Some Pro-Trump released unflattering Unclad portraits of Hillary Clinton which they titled 'The Ugly Sides Of Hillary Clinton". 

The supporters of Donald Trump have earlier taken to social media to decry that that there is a double standard at play with the manner in which everyone seem to be laughing off the controversial Unclad Trump statues. They asked what if the statues were that of Hillary Clinton? Would all those people still be laughing?

Now, they've also released their own version of Unclad smear campaign against Hilary, and it's gradually making the rounds on a couple of top foreign sites including Reddit. One of the Unclad portraits has Hilary Clinton in all her 'glory' 'romancing' a bottle of alcohol. Let's see if this will shake the world. 

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