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7 Mistakes that will Kill Buhari in 2019

Below are 7 strong points that may lead to a fall for President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC in 2019, if they do not put their house in order.

1. Blame past leaders endlessly

Its okay to lament that the nation’s current plight is caused by some past leaders who did not take the future into cognizance in their planning and executions while at the helms of affairs. But when that becomes the theme song of the current dispensation, then one can be sure that the people will lose trust in those leading them at present.

There has never been a government which would complain of having inherited one problem or the other, however, the people are only interested in ways out, other than crying over spilt milk.

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan recently said the present Nigerian government did not inherit an almost dead Nigeria, as the administration claims.

2. Plans without execution

As with other governments in the past, one of the greatest problems Nigeria leaders have is the will to execute plans after proper planning.

Jonathan was accused of constantly setting up committees to settle even the minutest issues, however, there seem to be a continuation in this government. Rather than set up committees though, the present government tends to be caught up in the web of planning, explaining what is planned to the people and not getting to execute the plans.

At some point, there have been misunderstandings in the proposed plan, in that, the plans made to do not add up to much when a critical look is taken at the situation. By constantly planning and not executing, the government stands the risk of getting its people’s support when it become vital.

3. Majoring in minor

Without a doubt, many Nigerian leaders might have come into power with the heart to really serve the people aright, however, that one has it in the intents of his/her heart, does not make it fine, does not pass for an excuse to get fair judgement.

Nigerians from a bitter history have learnt to judge based on what is on ground, they judge based on what they can see and not what they hear.

It is ok for the Buhari-led administration to channel all its skill and resources into fighting corruption, which indeed is a laudable project, but the fear is that Nigerians would rather have a corrupt society than starve to death. Hence, the current government must see to it that even as it fights corruption which has eaten deep into the marrow of this nation, it must ensure that the people have something tangible they can hold unto for survival. It is an arduous task, however, the fight against corruption would not end in 4-years, hence, if a second chance is needed, something extra must be brought to the table.

4. Keep lying to Nigerians

Honesty and transparency are key words to winning the hearts of the people, it is a very vital tool in getting to the masses. The people want to be sure that they are not taken for a ride.

It definitely is not okay to believe that what is propagated over the media is enough to keep the people at bay. The Nigeria of today has gone beyond paper politics, you can be sure that the people will weigh claims and check out facts.
So when you say you have established something and the people do not have proof or you say the government will take care of a situation but dance around it, you can be sure that the masses will be infuriated, and these Nigerians do not forgive.

5. Let ethnic and religious prejudice creep in

Nigeria is already a nation that is at the brink of an implosion, no thanks to the ethnic diversity, cultural differences and religious disparities. Hence, if for any reason the Nigerian people sense in the APC any form of bias with inclination towards tribe, culture or religion, then the ruling party can kiss the seat goodbye.

A very conscious effort must be made to ensure that the speculations and insinuations flying about are not given a branch perch on, because they definitely will have a very devastating effect.

Already the nation has to contend with agitations in the South-south and the Southeastern region, if 2019 is still on the minds of the All Progressives Congress, then every individual that makes up this nation must be treated as equal and important with no favoritism.

6. Over ambition must be buried

For the good of the party, members of the APC must not be seen to be over ambitious, because it definitely will mean a premature death.

Whatever is not done for the good of the majority must be put away, there are claims already, that many have started looking at how they can position themselves for more juicy positions come 2019.

It is thoughts of this nature that sows the seed of discord within the party, causing it to loose direction. There has to be a very heightened sense of decorum within the APC if indeed the party wants to make a statement come 2019.

7. Bite the fingers that fed you

Perhaps this is one great problem that must be taken into great consideration, their are claims that some are beginning to bite the hands that fed them and there is no doubt that this could explode into an all out war in the APC.

The same problem was encountered in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and party henchmen like ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo washed their hands of the PDP’s affairs, the end product was disastrous.

Some political analyst are of the opinion that the syndrome which the PDP suffered might soon be experienced by the APC especially with the fall out currently rocking the party.

If the APC really longs to have a great chance at the next elections, then they must get their acts together. Unity is the only way to go, aggrieved parties must come to a very rational understanding and place what they have fought for and what is to be lost, above ego and all forms of pride.

Many will not understand why analysis ahead of 2019 is crucial, but they must come to terms with the fact that the current term for the APC is almost become a thing of the past, and great efforts must be made to win the hearts of Nigerians, many of whom are aggrieved.

The nation is at a very critical stage, whereby it can either make it out of the darkness which it for so long has been bound, or be lost forever in the gloom.

PDP is still trying to find its feet after the grave loss encountered at the last elections, the APC started on a very high note, but have not been really soaring high these days, with the plethora of problems left unattended to.

If this nation survives till 2019 and we pray it does, Nigerians may be pushed to make desperate decision regarding whose hands they would entrust the destiny of what should be “The Giant of Africa”

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