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Devastating Effects Of Oil Spills In The Niger Delta

Below are pictures gathered from various oil spill locations in the niger delta of nigeria. Which have long suffered from oil explorations.

The impacts of oil spills on the Niger Delta are devastating: Mangrove forests are being obliterated, fish and shellfish are dying off, and whole Ecosystem is Collapsing.

Causes of oil spillage include Pipeline  and tanker accidents , sabotage  , oil production operations , inadequate or non-functional production equipment,Corrosion of pipelines and tankers , rupturing or leaking of old production infrastructures that often do not receive inspection and maintenance e.t.c

An average of 240,000 barrels of crude oil are spilled in the Niger delta every year, And most people in Niger Delta have lived with chronic oil pollution throughout their lives.

This is a call to stop further oil explorations in the Niger Delta and Clean up our Lands.

Concerned Ijaw Son

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