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PHOTO: Imo State Pensioners To Forfeit 60% Pensions

After series of protest by aged pensioners in Imo State.
The imo state government led by Rochas Okorocha had gone ahead to compel pensioners in the state to forfeit 60% of their entitlements and take home only 40%. 

Six different categories of pensioners were owed between 22 months and 77 months by the state government.

“Civil pensioners are owed 22 months, local government pensioners 23 months, retired primary school teachers 32 months, IBC pensioners 44 months, retired permanent secretaries 22 months and Alvan Ikoku pensioners 77 months,’’

The government is now using its agents to force pensioners to sign document it prepared, which by extension will make any pensioner that signs the document to forfeit his/her 60 per cent arrears.

See copy of a pensioners letter below.

Where is NLC ?

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