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Top MMM Guider Chuddy Escapes from Nigeria

Reports that Top MMM guider Chuddy Ugorji ran away with his wife to dubai is now trending in Nigeria social networks.

Some participants are saying chuddy fled to Philippines.

Do you know that Chuddy Ugorji made over N5bn within a year? I heard that he has relocated to Philippine as MMM ask members to provide help before they can get their money. Odikwa risky o!” a Facebook user Smith Ibe wrote.

While other indications suggest that MMM chuddy ugorji is likely to be in Dubai or the UK.

As his Nigerian cellphones are no longer reachable


Meanwhile, there are reports that the operations of MMM in Nigeria are under threat as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Security and Exchange Commission have agreed to pull resources to attack Ponzi schemes in the country.

The MMM, which has been operating in Nigeria for over a year, has been seen as a Ponzi scheme that has no regulation in Nigeria.

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