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Zenith Bank Freezes Customers Account, -No withdrawals No Deposits

What Is Wrong With Zenith Bank Nationwide
A pained customer wrote on nairaland.

I will like to draw attention of the general public on the deliberate wickedness of the management of zenith bank to her customers.Since Friday the bank can not pay anyone and up till today the same excuses is being given.

Currently i have been to over 10 branches of zenith bank and the same reason is given.-NETWORK IS DOWN.

I wonder why a sane country like Nigeria can operate a bank like zenith and for 5 consecutive days customers can not access their accounts.

The hardship is much in the country and you guys have decided to add to it...
I was opportune to speak with some of their staff and i realised that this issue is a planned one.Many of them complained of the ill treatment and lack of motivation,many have been sack,others are under paid and many are not happy.
So it is obvious this is an internal why on earth should the customers pay the dare price for your problems?

When can we get it right.....frustration is piping high and here we are with selfishness and poor management..
See the crowd of stranded customers,pregnant mothers and babies who have to bear the grunt of the foolishness of ZENITH BANK.,Daily they come to the bank and told the same do you want them to feel?

ZENITH BANK IS A TOTAL FAILURE FOR ME,mSHAME TO THE MANAGEMENT. JIM OVIA you have lost it,when the head can not handle things well, this is what you get.

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