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Who is Efe? The Video that got everyone talking

Who is Efe ?
The video that got everyone talking.
Efe na me
Efe na You
When Efe was asked to do his last campaign for vote.
Who is EFE ? 
EFE is not the boy from Delta state 
EFE is not the graduate of economics in unijos!!! 
EFE is you that is trying to get yourself together 
EFE is that mother that sacrificed everything to make sure her child gets an education. 
EFE is that boy that helps his mum to sell pepper but knows in his heart that he will get better.. 
EFE is you, using generator to watch tv, read, ....
EFE is you trying to put your two feets on the ground against all odds
Because rain is falling doesn't mean you won't go and hustle
Because the road is bad doesn't mean you won't go out.. 
EFE is every human being cos we all have struggles... 
I am EFE , you are EFE , we are all EFE and we will vote EFE in big brother Naija house... Because against all odds he stood with his two feet... #iamefe #bbnaija
#BasedonLogistics You just have to love Efe

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