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Top 5 Siblings of Pastor CHRIS OYAKHILOME Running CHRIST EMBASSY, Number 4 will shock You


In this piece presents to you the siblings of the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who are equally running the different arms of the Christ Embassy with him. Together they coordinate  the Church’s International headquarters and other Churches in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Nigeria. Prominent among them include
  • Rev. Ken Oyakhiome
  • Evangelist Katty Oyakhilom
  • Ose Oyakhilome
  • Daysman Oyakhilome
Here are some of the Oyakhilomes


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Rev. Ken Oyakhiome is the younger brother of the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He is known in the Ministry as a man of prayer. Rev. Ken is currently the Senior Pastor of the Christ Embassy Churches. He was the brains behind the establishment of one of the Ministry’s biggest churches in Lagos. 

He also, with his team pioneered the work of the Church in Ago Palace way, which has in many years, given birth to many other Churches in that area, before he left for South Africa. Once again in just a few years in S.A, Rev. Ken alongside his team built the Christ Embassy in South Africa into one of the most popular Churches in the country, with a vibrant healing school and International School of Ministry. He is now in the U.S.A coordinating the churches there. Rev. Ken is a member of the Central Executive Council of the Ministry (CEC).


Evangelist Katty Oyakhilome now Katty Worghiren is the younger sister of the man of God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Evangelist as she is fondly called is the director of the Loveworld Music Ministry (LMM) of the Believers Loveworld (BLW) inc. 

She is also the director of the Loveworld Children’s Ministry (LCM) and the Loveworld Creative Arts Academy (LCAA) and Chairman of the Loveworld Records label (LRL). She has been working with her man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome from the inception of the ministry and is a product of his message: she simply puts her pastor’s message into music.

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She has raised many music Ministers, pioneered several choirs, dance and drama groups and has a supernatural ability to discover and groom music and creative arts talents. She is a profile and award-wining song writer, composer, music arranger, and Choreographer. 

She has written many award-winning songs like I see him moving, Most High, Sweeter, Hero, which have inspired many around the world. She is also the writer of the famous “BelieversLoveworld Anthem”. She wrote the theme song for Haiti children, titled “Hope Haiti” which was used for a concert organized to help the Haiti Victims, and theme song “I believe in Nigeria”. Ministry’s annual outreach campaign to the nation “Reach Out Nigeria”. She is blessed with a unique voice.


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Ose Oyakhilome is among the Oyakhilomes that are making serous impact in Christ Embassy. Pastor Ose Oyakhilome is the Senior Pastor of the Christ Embassy Churches in South Africa. She oversees and co-ordinates the activities of the Churches in South Africa. 

She equally plays a key role in the Healing School and the International School of Ministry in S.A. She is a teacher of the word of God. She has raised so many leaders and pastors in the Ministry. She is equally among the top partners in the Ministry.

Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren

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Yet another of the Oyakhilome’s making positive impact is the young talented Daysman Oyakhilome. A gifted video producer and video animator, Daysman is responsible for the conceptualization and production of over a 100 Christian music videos and animations, including “I Know Who I Am” by Sinach, “Kinging” by Rozey, “Igbunu” by Micheal Jaffe, “Untouchable” by TB1, amongst many others. He showcased diverse talents of the artistes, adding inspiring content for all to enjoy. 

Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren, is the CEO of Carel films Enterprise and nephew to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The multitalented young man with business influence and leadership prowess recently emerged No. 1 amongst Top 100 Emerging African Leaders at 2017 Emerging African Leaders Awards. Adding to his raft of awards which including three of the American Academy of Animations Award, the prestigious Walt Disney Award and others.

It is worthy of note that one of his videos was the first Christian video to receive airplay on Trace Urban International TV Station.

The believers Loverworld Incorporated Ministries Worldwide a.k.a. Christ Embassy is a vision given to the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome by God. The Ministry has through its various programmes and activities established many churches all over the world, and they are still expanding their popular Healing School, International School of Ministry, their various publications like Rhapsody of realities, the No. 1 daily devotional manual, which has been translated into many languages and numerous business ventures. 

They have continued to position the Ministry in the Center of World Evangelism.

Who is Your Favorite of the Oyakhilome's ?

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