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How to join Ogboni

The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity Incorporated is a fraternal organisation founded 18 December, 1914 by a clergyman, the late Archdeacon Thomas Adesina Jacobson Ogunbiyi (CBE) and incorporated in 1943 with Conclaves (Iledi) all over Nigeria as well as in the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and Ireland

The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity has the following as it's  aims and objectives:

To associate for the promotion of the Principle of Universal Fatherhood of God - the All-Seeing Eye, and Universal Brotherhood of Man, without any discrimination as to Race, Colour, Creed, Sex, Religion or Political Affiliation.

To associate for the principal purpose of knowing God better such that all the undertakings of the fraternity will be in accordance with His Holy will.

To encourage the diffusion of the practice of benevolence, charity and chastity.To offer assistance (as a bounding duty) to all poor and distressed members and non-members, without detriment to themselves and their connections, or injustice to others who are not members of this Fraternity.

To see to the mortal remains of any deceased members by providing a coffin or financial assistance up to a reasonable cost and to give his/her remains a decent deposit in the bosom of Mother Earth.

To inculcate in all members, the constant practice of the Golden Rule, "to do unto others (members and non-members) as one would wish them to do unto himTo provide necessary funds for the successful prosecution of the business of the Fraternity, according to this Constitution.

To keep and obey the Laws and Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and those of any other Country in which one resides. (ROF 30 May 2010d)

How to Join Ogboni Fraternity

Men and women can be members of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity. According to the R.O.F constitution obtained from "refworld":

Membership shall be opened to all who embrace a non-idolatrous faith in God.

An applicant for membership shall be at least Twenty One years (21), if male, and Forty years old (40) if Female, PROVIDED that any applicant who is the wife of a member may be initiated if she is not less than Thirty years old (30).

A member may propose for admission a female offspring or near relation who is a spinster or divorcee of not less than Thirty years (30) of age on giving a written undertaking of good behaviour of such applicant.

Any female applicant who is married at the time of application and whose husband is not a member of the fraternity must produce a letter of consent from her husband. (ROF 30 May 2010d, Sec. 2)

See a copy of Ogboni membership form

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