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Ogboni Society Misunderstood

The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity Incorporated is a fraternal organisation founded 18 December, 1914 by a clergyman, the late Archdeacon Thomas Adesina Jacobson Ogunbiyi (CBE) and incorporated in 1943 with Conclaves (Iledi) all over Nigeria as well as in the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and Ireland

The Reformed Ogbono Fraternity has said that the organisation has been misunderstood by the public.

The supreme leader of the fraternity, Otunba Francis Meshioye, said the organisation has been wrongly labelled a secret cult by members of the society who lack the patience to examine their teachings.

Speaking to newsmen at the a recent unveiling of the fraternity’s centenary celebration in Ikeja, Lagos, Otunba Francis Meshioye said the fraternity have fulfilled its obligations to relevant government agencies like other incorporated entities like churches, businesses.  

We conduct meetings in public places and teach members to imbibe high moral standards and be law-abiding. The biggest challenge that many fraternities have is the impatience of those who are not their members to examine their purposes with open minds and without prejudice. A pure and investigative mind that is searching for unbiased understanding should possess these qualities,” Otunba Francis Meshioye said.

Otunba Francis Meshioye added that some intending members, who were lectured of the high moral standards that they are expected to live by, withdrew their applications because they knew they are not worthy enough.

Many believe that they can perpetrate criminality when they become our members, they are also disappointed when they are informed of the need to uphold high morals and to be obedient to every law in the country they live,” he is quoted to say by Punch.

He however advised members not to waste their time in any argument with non-members but let their lives show how noble the fraternity is.

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