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[VIDEOS] Biafran IPOB VS ARMY clash, Oyigbo Rivers and Aba Abia State

Biafran IPOB Vs Army Clashed in Aba,  Abia State. And Oyigbo Rivers State 

Watch video collections we gathered.

This is the effects of the recently launched Python Dance 2 as IPOB resist Nigerian Army in the South East.

Watch videos and share them. 

Biafrans Mobilize IPOB to protect Nnamdi Kanu

IPOB resisting soldiers in Aba

Nigerian Army Escorting Hausa traders to Safety

IPOB resisting Army as armoured car waits for Nnamdi Kanu

IPOB Vs Hausa clash in Oyigbo Rivers State,  Shops burnt

IPOB destroys Army Tent Aba, Abia State

IPOB Vs Army clash in Aba

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