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Yahoo Boy runs Mad in Malaysia

A yahoo boy identified as Ikenna has gone heavily mad in Malaysia,

Information gathered indicates that he was just  sitting with friends  at a Hotel bar in Punchong Province, Malaysia when he suddenly stood up, stripped completely Unclad and jumped into the swimming pool.

Security operatives at the Hotel rushed out and tied him up, In the video he could be seen struggling with them and shouting.

He could be heard saying:
'I am a murderer, tie me, tie me, i kill people, am a black man, kill me oh, kill me oh..
He also mentioned a man named ''Jerfrey''.

This is his first trip to Malaysia, he's been there for only 3months, before he went exclusively mad yesterday, September 14th.

His friend who begged  to kept anonymous, said Ikenna had always boasted that he will never return to Nigeria the same way he left, that he must return with money at all cost..

Obviously whatever he had involved his hands in has casted, and his suffering.. so sad..

From Ebiwalisblog

Watch the videos here:

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